Put your hands up for NY

Happy superbelated labor day and whatnot, y’all! It’s early morn’ of 9/11, and I’m broadcasting to you live from JFK airport in NYC (spooky, innit), on day # 10 of my USAmerican voyages. Sittin’ here waiting for my flight to San Francisco. I haven’t slept, burned some midnight oil, feeling quite braindead, so better don’t expect a lyrical masterpiece now. However, let me hit you with what I’ve got.


Just in case I haven’t mentioned yet, I’m on sort of a mini US-tour with homeslice DJ Enso. After spending 24 jetlagged hours in San Francisco, we flew straight to the eastcoast to spin at Sutra in Manhattan, alongside the magnificent Michna aka the artist formerly known as Egg Foo Young. Peep the queue in front of the club and a headbanded DJ Enso.


NYC is one of the most vibrant, diverse places I’ve ever been to. I fucking love it. Bit of a culture shock, after spending so much time in Hong Kong! But travelling as much as I’ve been lately, I actually find myself in a constant state of culture shock. I might get used to it. Williamsburg has good pizza, bagels and pugs.


Meet our adorable hosts CB Radio.


In the next picture, you’ll see me livin’ it up at the headquarter office of Wall Street Journal. How the fuck did I get in there without getting brutally tasered, dying a cruel and spasmatic death? You’ll never find out.


Oh yeah, we also been to Baltimore, but let me squeeze my Marylandian adventures into a separate post, ok? Ok. Lovely Roxy Cottontail invited us to play her night called ‘Digital Fancy’ at Manhattan’s new hotspot called The Greenhouse.


Here we are gettin’ hyphy with Trouble & Bass CEO Drop The Lime.


Crowd at Greenhouse going bonkers.


Enso / my tired self / Roxy.


MP3 Extravaganza:

Michna – Triple Chrome Dipped

Armand Van Helden ft. Roxy Cottontail – Playmate (Jesse Rose remix)

Drop The Lime – Hear Me (Drums Of Death remix)

Dammit, I wanna be on that plane now. Can’t hold my eyes open much longer. I’ll be arriving in San Fran round noon after a 6:30h flight, and I can’t wait to shower, stuff a burrito in my face and walk the piers. SF, your weather better be splendid today.

Roxy Cottontail + Kraftwerk in Hong Kong

The lovely Roxy Cottontail made her way from NYC to HK last weekend to spin a guest set at our monthly clubnight extravaganza PIMPIN’ AINT EASY!

Much love to the Cottontail for sweetening our weekend!
Roxy was all smiles all the time and enjoyed HK a lot. We want you back, Rox!!
Also, ze German electro pioneers Kraftwerk were in town on the same weekend for their HK debut.

Heres me, sandwiched between NYC’s and HK’s premiere female selectas,
minutes before the Kraftwerk show:
Roxy Cottontail & DJ Miss Yellow

Without Kraftwerk, hip hop, electro and everything related wouldn’t be the same today, so fools better reckognize. Finally seeing those legends live was Goosebump material.

Unfortunately, Enso and I had to leave early to set up the soundsystem and open the doors at CLIQ, since this month’s PaE was also the inofficial Kraftwerk Aftershow party. We even managed to squeeze in some powernaps on the train to central.

The club got packed and wild quickly as Enso and I were heating things up for Roxy.

She came, saw, conquered, played an amazing set and kept the people dancing until sweat was dripping from the Chandelier.

Miss Yellow worked the mic and made me cuss in Cantonese to the crowds delight,
before she hit the decks for a dope and solid surprise set.

Stay tuned for the complete picture gallery, to be online soon.
Our in-house photo wizard Kit Tang did an amazing job, as always.
Much love and thanks to Kit, Roxy and Miss Yellow!
And to everyone coming out that nite!