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Nett hier. Aber waren Sie schonmal in Kowloon?

How to get rid of a harbor

Spooky vision of what Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor might look like in the near future (poster spotted in the streets of Mong Kok the other day). These days, there is still quite a decent amount of water between Kowloon and the north shore of HK island. However, land reclamation and harbor shrinkage will of course steadily continue to provide more flat land to build on.

Didya know that Hong Kong’s original Victoria Harbor coastline once ran along what is now Queen’s Road East? Fucking eerie.

Hong Kong’s “relationship with the waterfront was always an awkward thing,” says Richard Marshall, an urban design director for the planning firm EDAW, who led a Harvard University study of the harbor in 2000. “It’s surprising, given the identity the waterfront has with Hong Kong.” – Time Magazine

Wasted German Youth X Laurent Segretier X Kid Fresh

Kowloon lobster sauce

I’m packing up my belongings, getting ready for relocating to the northern side of Victoria Harbour! Excited! So long glitzy island life, hiya urban country side! A) more space B) lower rent C) more street cred. And still only 10 minutes from the islet. Now take a minute to envy me for my new Kowloon penthouse view.

PS that’s Lion Rock Country Park in the background.

So. After you’ve finished eating my heart out, go peep my future housemate Yao‘s SOLOS podcast, cause bruva’s got MAD soul.

Yao – Live DJ set @ Heavy HK, 11/18/2009


Black Panta – The Upsetters
Song My Mother Used To Sing – Dennis Brown
Heavy- Jaylib
Mythsysizer- J Dilla
Gluetooth- Hudson Mohawke
Reggae- Skepta
Beauty- Silkie
Zumpi Huntah (Remix) – Terror Danjah
Percession – Skream
Hard- Breakage ft. David Rodigan
Serious- Noah D
Spliff Dub (Rustie Rmx)- Zomby
Rainbow Rd.- Gemmy
Like a Dream- 2562