Kid Fresh x Bed Supperclub Bangkok

PaE pt. IX pics (Bedsupperclub Bangkok)

PaE goes Bangkok / Beijing

I just got back from my weekend trip to Bangok & Beijing.
We had our first PaE at Bedsupperclub in Bangkok last Thursday!!
It’s been a big blast and success, and we had none other than the infamous SWKIT to document our trip/the party with some  a m a z i n g  photographs.

While Kit is being busy getting his hustle on, we’ll have to wait a few days for the pictures and the full PaE Bangkok blogpost extravaganza.
Meanwhile, you may look forward to soon read/see more about:

“The intelligent, yet introverted German DJ world champion” (-Time out magazine)

“The feisty American boy with the sarcastic sense of humor” (-Time Out magazine)

The club / the party

Bangkok streetfood

Papaya salads

The missed flight to Beijing

Unconventional taxis

And tips on how to board an airplane with firearms.

Btw I made it (sleepless) to Beijing on Sat. morning eventually,
had a perfect brekkie in my fave hotel,

slept all day through and played one of my better sets at PUNK on Saturday nite
for a hype Beijing crowd.

Arrividerci & stay tuned!

PIMPIN AINT EASY pt. IX (Bangkok edition)

PaE-BKK-FEB-12-web copy