Originality ain’t easy

Nice one, Pow Wow HK (via Hypebeast). We (Pimpin Aint Easy & The Zonders) feel flattered~

Us in 2008:

Yall in 2011:


PS We ain’t mad yo. It’s all <3. Nuff respect to Hypebeast, Pow Wow and Wu Yue. It’s just funny, that’s all.

Violin battle

I stumbled across this vid on the internetz yesterday and I can’t help but being utterly amazed. I’ve been quite a good fiddler as a youngster, learning to play the violin before I learned to properly walk and talk. However, I always thought it’s kinda ‘uncool’, so I quit before I turned a teenager and experimented with a bunch of different instruments before I eventually ended up as a turntablist (which obviously wasn’t too bad of a decision after all). Nuff respect to Nigel Kennedy and Miri Ben-Ari, but THIS is truly swagful violinism and on some next level 2011 live show shit IMO. Highly inspirational.

http://www.blackviolin.net /// http://facebook.com/blackviolinmusic


Give it up for HYPE NASTY one last time and let’s all move on to bigger things. Amen.


Beijing NYE recap

Jeez, Beijing, why is you so effing frosty at the turn of the year. Many thanks to Bar Punk, The Opposite House, DJ Beware and Saul D and everyone who came out, for helping me cozy it up a bit with this massive NYE soirée in the basement of my (still) favorite hotel lately.

Kid Fresh X Mad Decent

Mixtape galore

A lil’ history of mi olde mixes:

Good Morning Beijing