Bestest of 2010

Shit, this 2010 went by like drunk horses over hills. It’s time to look back and reminisce about all those tunes that caught my heart over the last year. There’s plenty more than just 10 of course, kinda split into different categories (I won’t necessarily bump the hardest dancefloor banger while I’m taking a shower or changing a light bulb, and at the same time, I most likely won’t force my dreamy iPod faves onto a packed club that’s hungry for bangers).

However, with these 10 I’m trying to sum up the ones I’ve personally been appreciating most throughout 2010.

1. Joy Orbison – So derobe

(The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow 12″/EP, Aus Records)

2. James Blake  – CMYK

(CMYK EP, R&S Records)

3. Lone – Once in a while

(Once in a while 12″, Werk Discs)

4. Krystal Klear – Tried for your love (Hudson Mohawke remix)

(Tried for your love 12″, All City Records)

5. I Blame Coco ft. Robyn – Caesar (Diplo remix)


6. Girl Unit – IRL

(IRL EP, Night Slugs)

7. Tame Impala – Solitude is bliss

(Innerspeaker LP, Modular Recordings)

8. Caribou – Odessa

(Swim LP, Merge Records)

9. Tobacco – Creepy phone calls

(Maniac Meat LP, Anticon)

10. The Black Keys – Next girl

(Brothers LP, Nonsuch)


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