@ PUNK (LG of The Opposite House)

Bldg 1, 11 Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang district

Beijing, China




Nuff luv for big-room-dance-music and sweaty dancefloors, but once in a while we do feel like bumping our fave below120bpm tunes on a loud system in a cozy environment. Yao, Enso and yours truly present REDLIGHT. The best in futurefunk, turbosoul, hypercrunk, lovestep, nintendofolk, blogpop, crackjazz, macbookpunk, wonkyrock, snackstep, kowlooncore, brohouse, myspacebass, pizzadisco, methwave, emotrance, thughop, slum&bass, tacotruck and coffeehouse, Friday October 15th at Otto lounge in Hong Kong. RSVP HERE.

Seoul power

Been to Seoul last weekend and it was pretty dope! After playing a gig at LUV Superlounge in Itaewon, I had a full day off to browse around in this massive metropolis and get lost in Seoul’s metro-system.

As you can see way above, I also managed to catch the sunset from top of N Seoul tower, and no I didn’t take the cable car, I walked up the stairs and took all those 812 motherfucking steps without dying from a heart attack. Big up myself.

Thanks to all Seoulians who came out and helped pack the place at LUV last Thursday, and thanks to the organizers for bringing me over and for being great hosts! I’ll be back!


All pics courtesy of Bo Puinar Hui