Baduizm X Weezyizm

I <3 it when I stumble upon a tune that makes me develop an instant crush on it within the first 8 bars.

Much to my delight, MC Apples is back. On her coat-tails, it’s the one and only Weezy F. Baby. Please say the baby.

( via Sleeping In Chanel )

Random FYIizm: the latter candidate is going to be dwelling behind swedish curtains for 1 year, starting on March 2. Apparently, his sentencing got delayed due to dental surgery, without any further comment. Am I really the only one here to figure out that it’s probably not exactly an Einstein-type move to show up in the bastille with a permanent grill in your mouth with the value of a halfway decent luxury car? Ts.

Grab the choon here:

Erykah Badu ft Lil Wayne – Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)

It’s a lousy-ass 160kbps bootleg version, but you wouldn’t dare to look a gift horse in the iced out mouth, would ya. Please buy the album on iChoons or sumfin when it’s out (March 30). Btw, looking at the numbers of views of my blog, and looking at the number of downloads in comparison, I reckon that only 10% of you are realizing that there are actually downloadable mp3s behind those bold-ass song titles I’m posting! Which is good, I guess! Every cloud has a silver lining. Ya dig?


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