I fucking heart spending time with my computer aka the extension of my brain, but yesterday was one of those days where the plopping sound of an incoming email would make me choke. Sky wasn’t exactly clear, but not too soupy either, and the air felt quite summery. Also, Lion Rock’s just around my corner, so I decided to hop on bus # 72 to finally explore those mountainy regions in my close neighborhood for a bit. After a good 2 hours of hiking through the woods, my heart was racing like Jerry The Race Car Driver and I was dripping with Truck Sweat, so I was happy to finally reach the slopes of Golden Hill Rd to relax a bit, guzzle some water, enjoy the view and hang out with a bunch of wild monkeys.

There’s hundreds of them, just doing their monkey-type-thang; eating, sleeping, fucking, fighting, delousing each other, taking care of their families etc.

I was quite an eye-opener to observe those motherfuckers for a while. Makes me ponder about the universe, and, like, evolution and shit. Ya dig? There’s all kinds of different personalities in the monkey world. Some of them are shy, some of them are rowdy, some of them seem smart, some of them seem stupid, some of them are social, some of them are not. You’re not supposed to have eye-contact, as some of them feel provoked quite easily. Like these two.

I’ve had a proper adrenaline rush when one of the older boss-type dudes suddenly stood up in front of me while I was taking pictures of his fam, screeching with his gnarly-ass jaw wide open, looking into my eyes, stating he’s ready to rumble. Trust me, the last thing I thought of in that moment was to take a picture of the nominee. Especially because I was unarmed, unlike some of the hikers I ran across in that area, carrying man-sized woodblocks. I wonder what one is supposed to do? Just beat it like MJ? Run for your life? Are his clan-members going to interfere? I’m not too keen to find out.

Nuff monkey-bizness. I got enough of that shit for now. Chinese New Year is about to begin, shops and restaurants are closing for the holidays, summertime is back and I’m feeling jolly. Might need to turn on the aircon tonight.

Oh and btw, I’m kinda feeling this newish band from San Francisco by the illustrous name of oOoOO right here:

oOoOO – Nosummr4u


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