Kuala Lumpy

I just gots back to HK from a lil’ weekend trip to Malaysia with famslice Rafik, y’all. I think I slept like only 2 hours (on the plane), so don’t be mad if I sound slightly confused.

We didn’t even spend full 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur, but  I gotta say that I’m positively surprised by the Muddy City. You pretty much get the full package of the South East Asian vibe, minus the convenience and sterility of Singapore, and minus the grimy- and roughness of Indonesia. Also good to finally actually see the Petronas Towers, an amazing piece of architecture I’ve always been admiring.

The thing about Malaysia that amazed me the most though, was, by far, the edibles. An infinite variety of a fusion of Malay, Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine. I pretty much ate till it hurt during my entire stay, let me break down some highlights. Lay your eyeslots upon this fried Stingray, served on a banana leaf:

A more or less common, but definitely not average veggie curry:

Leng Chi Kang for dessert, quail egg in the middle:

If you ain’t hungry as a vulture right now, there might be something wrong with you. Hm. Then again, you probably don’t give a fuck about what I’ve been nourishing on. Wanna see retro-oriental-looking railway stations instead?

Nah, you probably wanna see Rafik and me tearing the club up. Check out the dude’s back. Mad sweaty. The fucker keeps on nagging me to go out there to grab some food, as I am writing this. Leo + leo is a tough, tough combination, as much as I love the chap.

h8 u s0 much, early flights. But every cloud has a silver lining: South East Asian sunrise!

Many, many thanks to Alex Lee and Ray Rox, who treated us like family out there. Highly fucking appreciated.

Bonus: some vintage Malay pop for your earslots:

Tetty Kadi – Farida

Six for springtime

DJ Rafik X Kid Fresh Asian Vacation Club Tour

How to get rid of a harbor

Spooky vision of what Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor might look like in the near future (poster spotted in the streets of Mong Kok the other day). These days, there is still quite a decent amount of water between Kowloon and the north shore of HK island. However, land reclamation and harbor shrinkage will of course steadily continue to provide more flat land to build on.

Didya know that Hong Kong’s original Victoria Harbor coastline once ran along what is now Queen’s Road East? Fucking eerie.

Hong Kong’s “relationship with the waterfront was always an awkward thing,” says Richard Marshall, an urban design director for the planning firm EDAW, who led a Harvard University study of the harbor in 2000. “It’s surprising, given the identity the waterfront has with Hong Kong.” – Time Magazine

Best In The Class


Learn more about what Rafik is bumping on his iPod during long, intercontinental flights, sleeplessly molding away on an inappropriate middle seat, watching vintage episodes of Sex And The City, trying hard to oppress his morning wood while choking on Lufthansa’s wonky aeroplane breakfast.

Is Yao really blaring Krautrock from the 70s while snuggling Heidi™ pillows and sipping on chamomile tea, dreaming about having some pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream but deciding to thoroughly floss his permanent grill instead?

Is Enso really a faithful, trustworthy subscriber to NOW TV’s Baby Channel™? And where the hell can he rent a few babies for their free photoshoot?

Does Kid Fresh secretly prefer cats over humans? Are those ridiculous tattoos of his really really real? Does he really have the “shining” sometimes, just like Danny Torrance?

What did he have for dinner last night? Does it never snow in the jungle? Why can’t spiders talk? Do men cheat? Can you pause toast? Do fish really have fingers? Why do molecules diffuse?

Find out this Saturday at YUMLA (bookface us here)

Übernerdy DJ sets by:

In case you prefer staying at home because you’re still MAD hungover from last nite (it’s ok, we don’t really give a shit):


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