Beijingian cottonwood trees

I’m on a business-trip turned micro-vacay in China’s capital as of now, and an extraordinary infusion of caffeine increased my urge to purchase a VPN connection to bypass the great firewall of China so I can slap some semi-random non-new-years-eve-related bloggery upon your shivery cheeks before this decade is eventually lapsing.

Although the climate is WAY sub zero in Beijing and the amount of fuck I’m usually giving about any frost-related stuff or the traditional festivities coming along with it is quite low, I’ve spent 2 delight- and eventful cold winter days out here, and the blood pumping through my heart feels especially warm + fuzzy after swimming a few laps in this surrealistic looking pool in the basement of my hotel just a couple hours ago.

This gem below is my preferred soundtrack to close the recent/open the new decade. Hudson Mohawke‘s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 is something I’ve slept on for like over a month, but let me tell you this: Hud Mo is frying my frozen brain to pieces of Xinjiang BBQ on a wooden skewer with this one, and I highly motherfucking recommend you to grab it now and put it on rotation as soon as the new decennium starts.

Hudson Mohawke – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Go HERE for the tracklisting.

If you happen to be in Beijing right now, catch me spinning at PUNK at The Opposite House tonite.

PS a winter sunset glimmering through the leafless limbs of naked Beijingian cottonwood trees can be quite an awesome thing to gawk at.


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