Übertriebenes Mitteilungsbedürfnis

I’m slightly bored on the Airport Express™ after returning from a 24h trip to Shanghai, and my tired but hyperactive and silly brain feels like pre-composing this über-post packed with solid audial jewellery to make it hit ze Netz as soon as I hit home sweet home in a minnit, mkay?

May I beat around the bush for a bit. I’m totally ok with frequent flying, but I h8 long-ass queues at immigration, smelly airplane food, endless Xmas-tune loops on public speakers and middle-seat-tragedies due to last-minute check-in just as much as the assumption that I must’ve grown a few centimeters since yesterday, cause oh boy, being squeezed into that bird back to HK felt like super-extra-sardinious today. However; let me pinch this opportunity to share some of the tunes that’ve touched my soul lately while traipsing through neverending airport terminals, molding away on polyvinylchloride-covered taxi seats in Chinese traffic during endless rush hours and twiddling my thumbs waiting for über-delayed flights, my fellow strangers. And oh, my stupid ass left the cam at home, but I do have some crappy cellphone-pics for you!

I woke up to this concrete-jungly view earlier today:

before I roamed those frosty Shanghainese streets for a bit.

Dear Mr. Triple Ho, thou shalt bringeth me the basket of 5 bored felines (which I spotted earlier today in a shop selling gosh knows what) for the occasion of your highly hyped festivities coming up this very next week.

I also quietly LOL’d deep inside myself at this MEAL BOSS™ shop sign:

What the fuck is wrong with this dude, you might ask yourself. Yours sincerely is getting paid for jetting across Asia to mix n sqratch zexy bootyshakers in some of the continent’s fanciest superclubs (last nite i.e. M1NT) while getting smirched with Moet, eyeballing a 360° view of Shanghai’s skyline from colossal windows on floor 24, flirting with nervous sharks in truck sized fishtanks, getting mad eyeblinks from barely legal Russian models and nodding his tipsy head werking those decks, but Mr Jaded prefers to blog pictures of cats, shop signs and residential buildings plus MP3s of bumpy/silly/melancholic tunes on a Friday nite while y’alls be poppin’ bottles and such.

Ach ja, here’s ze choons. NO club shit here (well, at least not in my book), just strictly iPod material for your tinnitusized eardrums.

First up, some glitchy, soulful bumpiness from young Glasgowian beat puzzlist Hudson Mohawke.

Hudson Mohawke – Gluetooth

Hudson Mohawke – Overnight

Next up I’ll throw some hysterically unorthodox leftfield-pop by East Londonese singer/songwriter/composer Micachu atchu.

Micachu – Golden Phone

Micachu – Lips

Followed by this surrealistically beauti- and peaceful remix of Norwegian folk-pop duo Kings Of Convenience‘s “Weight Of My Words” by amazing Londonian postrockelectronicafuckmeimfedupofhavingtosqueezeallthatshitintoallthesedifferentgenrenamesforyallmyfellowreaders producer Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.

Kings Of Convenience – Weight Of My Words (Four Tet remix)

Do make it rain on dem digital recordshops!

Cop these composers’ awesome audio-material on, idunno, let’s say iChoons:

Hudson Mohawke / Micachu / Kings Of Convenience / Four Tet

PS It’s 10 fucking degrees on Hong Kong Island! I’m freezing my ass off! No heating in the overpriced shoebox I call my home! Jeez. Need to buy heater 1st ting tomollow. Before I swing my frosty self to this Central Hong Kong located, ritzy establishment owned by this Italian underground fashion designer you might’ve heard of (last name starts with Ar, ends with mani) tomorrow nite to spin early hours for a most likely weird-ass sort-of-private event in order to afford the luxury of an electric radiator in the privacy of my aforesaid shoebox in order to not having icicles growing outta my ass.

PPS Mad props to the Oberkirch-thug Handsome Homeboy Hensel (pause) for being an awesome selecta, an on-top-of-his-shit-jack-of-all-trades and a cool-ass dude (das musste mal gesagt werden, always good to see ya!), mille gracie to his lovely spouse Jana for the mega-ritzy dinner at The Bund, hi-5 to Yao Oksoundsgood Yaosers aka DJ Crumples, who’s (who would’ve thought!) slightly shaping my personal musical taste these days, especially regarding this very post, and last but not least, big up to the childhood homie and ex-classmate Remy, who went from being a fat kid from the projects to being an infamous smalltown-thug to being an international male-model, TV/MV actor and jack-of-all-trades-global-player living in NYC, LA and Tokyo during the last decade, who I completely coincidentally ran into in Shanghai last nite after not seeing him for like half a decade! WTF! What a tiny, tiny-ass world. HOLTENSER BERG!!!!!

PPPS I wish there was a really appropriate English translation for the German phrase “Übertriebenes Mitteilungsbedürfnis”. But there ain’t. Trust me! I’ve looked! All the translations I’ve found are half-assed and by far not as expressive as the OG word. Y’all non German speakers will probably NEVER find out what the fuck I’m REALLY trying to say. Ha.


3 Responses to “Übertriebenes Mitteilungsbedürfnis”

  1. Camille in Slovenia Says:

    well Google Translate yields

    “Excessive need to communicate”

    as for the actual feeling? perhaps it’s a Kraut thing i wouldn’t understand.
    someone should make an emo 70’s throwback sorta Maysles-type documentary about the lonely Moet-fueled life of an international DJ, that DJ being you. maybe you can “find” a kitten or a baby or something behind a club dumpster one night and in the process regain your humanity…should i start drafting the screenplay now or after the holidays?

  2. Kid Fresh Says:

    LOL’ing my pwned ass off. You got me by my neck, Camille.. Kindly hand in that script for review before Triple Ho Festival.

    Might be the mega-excessive decadence VS the fact that it all takes place in countries still being 3rd world for the major part that’s giving me a slight headache. China’s a big-ass scale, it’s tuff to keep the balance..

    As for the vocab: Google is close but not quite there.
    It’s sorta similar, Mitteilungsbedürfnis is supposed to only relate to the active part of communication. Sorta monologuey. I dunno, it’s a Kartoffel-thang.

    Happy Festivus!!

  3. Camille in Slovenia Says:

    well i just got my face partially melted off by hudson mohawke, so i’m here for the rest of yer musics and i will be sure to throw some coinage towards these people’s way. thank you kindly good sir. happy chinese christmas to you all!

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