Tốt buổi sáng Việt Nam

Dudes & dudettes- I am broadcasting to you live from the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh City, to be more exact.

Getting here from Hong Kong is a stone’s throw, and I’ve had this part of Asia on my to-do list for a loooong-ass time. Finally I have the opportunity to show off my soundbwoi qualities in some of Indochina’s cul-secouer-etablissements, so here I am. My first gig was last night, shortly upon arrival, at a place called Vasco’s in Saigon. Not really a club-club, more of a bar-rastaurant steez type of establishment. Heavy monsoon rain hit the middle of the night, the rooftop was slightly leaking, but the crowd was quite wild and open for my selection of jams.

As for Saigon itself- I definitely appreciate this highly unique place so far! First thing this morning was to hit the muddy streets on a brekkie quest. I picked one of the countless street cuisine spots around my hotel to get my gastro-recharge on.

Please gawk at this typically Vietnamese culinary highlight by the name of Phở (rice noodles, beef, spring onions, basil, chili, lime, bean sprouts, culantro) pictured below, priced at 15000 Vietnamese đồng (0,50 EUR).

Wait a second. Beef? Some of y’all who know me might wonder. Not that I have to justify myself, but I still wanna let y’all know that after 15 years of vegetarianism, I recently felt like introducing a new nutrition-rule to my life, which I like to call the “Eat Whatever The Fuck I Want”-rule. Still not a huge fan of dead animals on my plate, but I do like to ingest a carcass or two these days, whenever I feel like it. Btw that bowl of Phở was damn fucking divine.

Traffic in Saigon is a bitch. One that’s way more bitchier than the ones in, let’s say, the bigger cities in mainland China. Avalanches of motorcycles make crossing a street a major challenge. However, you will read in any Vietnam tourist guide that the best way to handle that sitch is to just walk across the seas of those moving choppers as unflinchingly as possible. And it works!

Ok now, I gotta bounce. 10% left on my macbook battery and my dumb ass left my charger in the club last nite. Sorry if any typos, nonsense or other bullshit; this entry was composed in a hazy craste. Tạm biệt!

MP3 Extravaganza:

The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black


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