Iggor está batendo os tambores, Laima é cortar as músicas

Well hell yeah, who doesn’t know ’bout Sepultura? Everyone and their mom knows ’bout ’em, cause they’re one of the most legendary heavy metal bands, like, ever? Honestly I myself never really seriously banged my head to the tunes of this particular troop, but I can clearly remember their name and faces being everywhere in the 80s/90s, from my TV screen to magazine covers to the backs of several young headbanging enthusiasts, in form of embroidery patches surrounded by gnarly spike rivets on DIY sleeveless denim jackets.

How random would it be to meet co-founder and ex drummer Iggor Cavalera (bottom left) in Hong Kong 20 years later? Well that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend.

If I can remember anything from Sepultura’s actual music, it is the precise, fast, aggressive and powerful outstandingness of Iggor’s drum game.

Iggor is no longer part of Sepultura these days, however, he is still musically very active these days as half of the Brazilian electro dj/producer duo MIXHELL, with his lovely wife Laima. Both are working decks and MPC live, with some of Iggor’s live drumming mixed in. This be how they do presently:

Them two graced the decks at Volar for a nite, and since we have a bunch of mutual friends, I was the chosen one to unleash my magnificent tourguide game on ’em during their stay in the archipelago. I didn’t expect Iggor to bite off a live dove’s head or some shit like that, yet I was still surprised by the gentle and kind aura of this charming couple, so I ended up spending my entire day kicking it with them and showing them around in HK.

Mp3 Extravaganza:

MIXHELL – Bounce In Hell mixtape

MIXHELL on myspace



2 Responses to “Iggor está batendo os tambores, Laima é cortar as músicas”

  1. michna Says:

    what up Kid Fresh!
    Good stuff on this here blog!

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