Oi from Hanoi

Actually, I’m already back in Saigon. Last Saturday I took a plane across the country for a 24h abidance in Hanoi to play another show. Decent nightlife is just about to rise in Vietnam, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Props to Jordan in Saigon and Noi Zee in Hanoi, who are doing a great job out here as promoters. Major downside in the north is the Hanoian government rule that makes everything shut down at midnight. However, the people went bananas and seemed very grateful for some club-action last Saturday. Plus I was able to wake early the next morning to eyeball this pretty lil’ place for a bit.

Cà phê sữa đá aka iced coffee Vietnamese style. Requires patience but is well worth it.

Roasted petting zoo with honey:

Dr Evil transforms Weezy, Fitty, Hov and Chris Breezy

Dr Evil aka The Tired Grampa aka Leftside of Jamaican dancehall reggae duo Leftside & Esco is taking over Swizz Beats’ I Can Transform Ya riddim by aping the voices/flows/styles of Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Chris Brown, and he’s doing a hilariously amazing job at it.

Leftside aka Dr Evil – I Can Transform Ya (remix)

via Mad Decent

Tốt buổi sáng Việt Nam

Dudes & dudettes- I am broadcasting to you live from the Socialist Republic Of Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh City, to be more exact.

Getting here from Hong Kong is a stone’s throw, and I’ve had this part of Asia on my to-do list for a loooong-ass time. Finally I have the opportunity to show off my soundbwoi qualities in some of Indochina’s cul-secouer-etablissements, so here I am. My first gig was last night, shortly upon arrival, at a place called Vasco’s in Saigon. Not really a club-club, more of a bar-rastaurant steez type of establishment. Heavy monsoon rain hit the middle of the night, the rooftop was slightly leaking, but the crowd was quite wild and open for my selection of jams.

As for Saigon itself- I definitely appreciate this highly unique place so far! First thing this morning was to hit the muddy streets on a brekkie quest. I picked one of the countless street cuisine spots around my hotel to get my gastro-recharge on.

Please gawk at this typically Vietnamese culinary highlight by the name of Phở (rice noodles, beef, spring onions, basil, chili, lime, bean sprouts, culantro) pictured below, priced at 15000 Vietnamese đồng (0,50 EUR).

Wait a second. Beef? Some of y’all who know me might wonder. Not that I have to justify myself, but I still wanna let y’all know that after 15 years of vegetarianism, I recently felt like introducing a new nutrition-rule to my life, which I like to call the “Eat Whatever The Fuck I Want”-rule. Still not a huge fan of dead animals on my plate, but I do like to ingest a carcass or two these days, whenever I feel like it. Btw that bowl of Phở was damn fucking divine.

Traffic in Saigon is a bitch. One that’s way more bitchier than the ones in, let’s say, the bigger cities in mainland China. Avalanches of motorcycles make crossing a street a major challenge. However, you will read in any Vietnam tourist guide that the best way to handle that sitch is to just walk across the seas of those moving choppers as unflinchingly as possible. And it works!

Ok now, I gotta bounce. 10% left on my macbook battery and my dumb ass left my charger in the club last nite. Sorry if any typos, nonsense or other bullshit; this entry was composed in a hazy craste. Tạm biệt!

MP3 Extravaganza:

The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

22º 16′ N, 114º 10′ E, 11/22/2009

What it smells/tastes like:

What it sounds like:

What it feels like:

Pancake astronauts and nacho artillery

Iggor está batendo os tambores, Laima é cortar as músicas

Well hell yeah, who doesn’t know ’bout Sepultura? Everyone and their mom knows ’bout ’em, cause they’re one of the most legendary heavy metal bands, like, ever? Honestly I myself never really seriously banged my head to the tunes of this particular troop, but I can clearly remember their name and faces being everywhere in the 80s/90s, from my TV screen to magazine covers to the backs of several young headbanging enthusiasts, in form of embroidery patches surrounded by gnarly spike rivets on DIY sleeveless denim jackets.

How random would it be to meet co-founder and ex drummer Iggor Cavalera (bottom left) in Hong Kong 20 years later? Well that’s exactly what happened to me last weekend.

If I can remember anything from Sepultura’s actual music, it is the precise, fast, aggressive and powerful outstandingness of Iggor’s drum game.

Iggor is no longer part of Sepultura these days, however, he is still musically very active these days as half of the Brazilian electro dj/producer duo MIXHELL, with his lovely wife Laima. Both are working decks and MPC live, with some of Iggor’s live drumming mixed in. This be how they do presently:

Them two graced the decks at Volar for a nite, and since we have a bunch of mutual friends, I was the chosen one to unleash my magnificent tourguide game on ’em during their stay in the archipelago. I didn’t expect Iggor to bite off a live dove’s head or some shit like that, yet I was still surprised by the gentle and kind aura of this charming couple, so I ended up spending my entire day kicking it with them and showing them around in HK.

Mp3 Extravaganza:

MIXHELL – Bounce In Hell mixtape

MIXHELL on myspace


Space Blue

Roche Space Blue

Roche delivers the latest installment in Solos Records digital release series. Poised between two of the mighty legacies of Detroit, ‘Space Blue’ takes the Dilla touch to an extended, 3 Chairs style house meditation on rhythm modulation, making Gottsching cumulii showersynth shards.

Space Blue: the title is a hint, a certain cold outer space melancholy which perforates the warmth of a shifting upright bass sample that underpins the track. Cosmic jazz tones for mental therapy. Or, maybe it’s it’s the trace of blue light in a club that catches the trails of smoky wonderment wafting upwards.

The flipside to this stunning piece is a remix by CB Radio, who strips away the A-side’s gaseous atmospheres for a physical disco house flex’n’bump refix that’s suitable for riding the back alleys of the city of the future.

Direct mp3 links:

Roche – Space Blue (pt I)

Roche – Space Blue (pt II)

Roche – Space Blue (CB Radio remix)