Protection from what? Ze Germans!

It’s about time, actually long overdue that I’m posting this vid, assuming errbody has already seen it anyway. Silly assumption! FYI, this juvenescent but handsome looking chap (pause) is not only one of my closest allies, but also the only Kraut holding more DJ world champion titles than m’self. Not to mention he’d murk me to slices in a head-to-head battle nowadays. He’s also the only bloke I know who has 4 ears, 3 nips, a faible for bulky luggage on flights and the extraordinary ability to whistle “Alle meine Entchen” through the slight gap between his front teeth. On top of that, he’s the inventor of the Autobahn Scratch, brews a damn magnificent cup o’ latte and can cook up quite a decent Auflauf, too. Oh btw, this vid shows a re-recorded / re-edited version of his 2007 DMC world champion routine.

Single ladies, myspace him HERE.

Bonus: Here’s 2 slightly cheesy but dope mixes we’ve recorded together 3 years ago for Tokyo based radio station while being locked up in a tiny Düsseldorfian hellhole, crusted with pizza, beer and bongwater. The links have been down for a while, so I took the freedom to re-upload for y’all.

Kid Fresh & DJ Rafik for vol I

Kid Fresh & DJ Rafik for vol II

PS broseph if you read this, I’m glad you finally got over your silly ass magic card trick phase. Lulz.


2 Responses to “Protection from what? Ze Germans!”

  1. - soulful • urban • radio | DJ Rafik Gold Steel Says:

    […] der Tat, 2007 ist schon eine Weile her, aber eine so herzliche Hommage wie Kid Fresh sie seinem Teamkollegen DJ Rafik von den Lordz of Fitness macht, liest man selten und […]

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