Going going back back to Cali Cali

Lemme bless you with my 5th and last US tour ’09 related bloggery! From Albuquerque, I flew down to Los Angeles to meet Enso at the LAX airport. I’ve never been to LA before, and Enso’s last stay was like 78 years ago, so we’ve been pretty much drifting aimlessly in the city of angels, which made a GPS-equipped rental whip essential. Peep the lovely blood stains on the ceiling. Welcome to LA!


After struggling with configurating the world’s worst GPS system, we hit the highway


to Beverly Hills for a top secret bizness meeting. I sorta only knew valet-parking from movies and such. Hello surrealism! Speaking of which, after the meeting, I insisted on a cruise over Mulholland Drive to get my David Lynch on. By one of the highest vista points, we pulled off the road and hopped over fences to sneak a peek of this picturesque LA panorama by night.


We checked out Hollywood’s clubs for a bit and impatiently hit the highway 101 San Francisco bound on the same night to avoid LA’s daytime traffic. We decided for a sleepover in Santa Barbara, and switched from 101 to the Pacific Coast Highway 1; probably the most amazing drive I ever did in my life. The 1 constantly runs along the coast, stunning ocean views and winding mountain roads included.


The sky was as blue as it can get, our iPods were loaded with jams and the whip was more than decent.


Next up, while my co-driver took a roadnap, I stopped at Piedras Blancas to eyeball a bunch of elephant seals sloshing around at the beach,


and treat starving squirrels with peanuts.


After a long day of cruising, we arrived late in San Francisco to fulfill our duties.


Cali, what’s up with your clubs shutting down at 2AM? It just doesn’t compute.


Dead Kennedys – California Über Alles


One Response to “Going going back back to Cali Cali”

  1. kenneth Says:

    nice man.. feeling this one… them seals!

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