Me gustan las sombras de las nubes en las montañas

After 2 days of calf-cramping SF hill hikes, bizarre amounts of sublime burritos and extensive thrift store strolling on San Francisco’s Mission St with Enso, his übercool pops and his hyperactive but immensely cute lil’ bro (check his blog) & sis,


my journey continued for a bit of a vacation in the state of New Mexico, also referred to as “La Tierra del Encanto”. Nomen est omen; I’m not sure if I have ever seen a sky as blue and clouds as fluffy as those above the charming state of Nuevo Méjico. Also, I was lucky enough to have a certified and O.G. Albuqurquean tour guide to show me around.


Albuquerque might be a bit of a pronounciation challenge for some of y’all. I hope this helps. Soonishst after my arrival, more thrift-store-roaming awaited me. Some of the highlights include this old ass Radio Shack audio mixer for 3,99 US$


and an acid-free cat scrapbook kit, essential in every halfway reasonable household.


Random movie-set sightseeing: If you know about Breaking Bad (highly recommended), which is set and produced in Albuquerque, you might as well be familiar with the infamous “Crystal Palace”. Here we go:


Now be prepared for some Rummelplatz action: The New Mexico State Fair, held in Albuquerque. Corn on the cob, cotton candy flavored ice cream, carnival rides, rodeo extravaganzas, petting zoos, deep fried candybars, burrito eating contests, pig shows,


horny toad enthusiasts,


oil dripping bricks of curly fries and hyperglycaemic lemonade, you name it.


Another highlight of the NM state fair was the Galapagos turtlefuck peep show. Probably louder than an army of motherfucking airhorns.


Just effin’ with y’all, above impression was actually witnessed at el parque zoológico Río Grande. Next up was a lil’ roadtrip through the New Mexican desert


to Tent Rocks National Park,


to hike all the way up to the very top of it. I can not remember being in a place as silent and peaceful as this before. All I could hear was my own heartbeat, and my fortunately not yet too advanced tinnitus.


Conclusion: Nuevo Méjico me gusta mucho.


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