Baltimo’ Street

Earlier this week, Enso and I took a ghetto ass bus from NYC down to Baltimore,


to play guest sets for Cullen Stalin & Scottie B‘s weekly NO RULE night at the Metro Gallery.


It was quite goosebumpy to visit the origin city of what’s called B’more club music! Thanks and huge ups to Cullen and Scottie! Damn me to hell for not taking more pictures. This is all I got for y’all from Baltimore, from the morning after:


baptist church

Enso was all Baltimore’d out for this trip. Peep the t-shirt and the Baltimore orioles hat.


New Yorkers were giving him shit like “So how the orioles doin’? Not too good eh?”, but the staff at Mickey D’s in Bmore was definitely feeling the steez and giving him major props. Enso is the type of person who is the type of dog that celebrates Bmore to the fullest. Don’t be surprised if you catch him blasting Baltimore club music whilst having candlelight dinner with a boo, taking a bubble bath, reading a book, eating a piece of cake or shaving his chest. No bull. Shit is kwazy. Download his latest Bmore club mixtape here:

DJ Enso – Baltimore Street


Go HERE to peep the tracklisting.


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