Stevie V – Dirty Cash (Eli Escobar edit)

This one reminds me so much of those days when I explored MTV for the first time. It’s been a good summer in 1990, but while fellows would kick it outdoors, I’d sit in my cousin’s living room and bump MTV day n nite, rubbing my eyes in total disbelief of all the flashy audiovisual dopeness that would rain down on my 11 year old brain via satellite TV. Next thing I know is running out to the recordsto’ to cop 7″s of Paula Abdul, EMF, Bell Biv Devoe, Guru Josh, Digital Underground, Depeche Mode, Sir Mix-a-lot, KMFDM, Technotronic, Guns N Roses, KLF and such. One of the goodies in my bag was this joint by Bedfordshire-based one (two?) hit wonder vocal house trio named The Adventures of Stevie V.

Still lovin’ the hook, still lovin’ the sax. If it wasn’t for NYC’s Eli Escobar re-editing this fab relict of a vintage MTV era banger, I swear I woulda forgotten.


The Adventures Of Stevie V. – Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (Eli Escobar edit)

Speakin’ of Eli Escobar, Eli’s debut single Glass House is out now on Plant Music and exclusively available at beatport. Peep the vid, directed by Francisco Soriano.

Eli Escobar – Glass House:


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