Pacific Steppaz


From a small Island in the South Pacific called Vanuatu come two sonic missionaries pioneering a whole new bass sound.

John Regis & Thony B combined are the Pacific Steppaz. Born and raised in the remote South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu they became fans of UK garage when a pair of British backpackers were stranded there for several days due to bad weather conditions. It was at some point during the late 1990’s, and the only source of entertainment they had brought with them was a CD player and a “Best of Speed Garage” compilation. The music immediately had an effect on the Steppaz and they would sit until long past sunsets listening to the funky 2 step sounds through the thin bamboo walls of their island guesthouse.

As the weather cleared, the travellers moved on to other destinations… Precisely one CD lighter. Their love of the emerging garage sound didn’t go unnoticed, and the backpackers (who’s names have been lost in the mists of time) offered the CD as a present to the wide eyed and bass hungry chaps.

Since then their appetite has only increased, as they desperately tried to get their hands on every type od music that came out of the UK, up until last year when they finally saved enough money for a basic PC and some cracked pirate software and began trying their hands at their own musical productions.

Pacific Steppaz – Pacific Steppaz

Pacific Steppaz – Gerrard II. (Sat in Silence)

Mixtape: Pacific Steppaz – Steppin’ Positive Vol. 1


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