Bookworms – African Rhythms

My fave Bay Area label SOLOS is back on the track with their first digital release:


In the mix are traces of garage, broken beat, and funky, but this is not reverent bass nostalgia: ‘African Rhythms’ pushes past fashion to wire a new set of rhythmic histories and spaces: the track sounds equally tuned to solitary late night rollage and body-dense warehouses.
The A side of this digital single is backed by two remixes: a 4×4 tuff melancholy Theo Parrish-style banger by Yao, and an ambient, abstracted daydream by Fat Transfer, whose disorienting EQ and filter work take the original even further out.


Bookworms – African Rhythms (Original)

Bookworms – African Rhythms (Yao Remix)

Bookworms – African Rhythms (Fat Transfer Remix)

Hi-bitrate versions available on iTunes now.

Also check out:

Solos Records



Fat Transfer


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