Bavarian Bounce


As a big admirer of Brazilian Baile Funk plus being a dude who is holding a German passport after all, I couldn’t help but letting the term ‘Bayre Funk’ (Bayre as in Bayrisch, meaning Bavarian in German) pop in upside my brain while hearing a good olde Bavarian folk tune a while back, imagining the horns and accordions being chopped up like Weisswurst while bumpin’ and grindin’ on some heavy upbeat tamborzão type rhythms.

Amazement took place immediately when I first heard Landgschwister Isertaleghettoschützen from the Bavarian alpine ghetto bass pioneers called Schlachthofbronx.

Schlachthofbronx – Landgschwister Isertalerghettoschützen

Schlachthofbronx – Belly Full Of Pills EP teaser mix

Their first EP Belly Full Of Pills is out today on Munich´s Disko B records.


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