Back pon di grind

Hell, I haven’t written shit in decades. All you get to see from me these days is flyer artwork and party pictures from the gazillions of raves I’m throwing (via Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy). Y’all, my heart is beating and I’m fine. Good times, bad times, we had ’em all. My life these days is, let’s say, interesting. So why not constantly share stuff so I can be able to say “wanna know what I’m up to – read my blog, bitches”, I figured lately. Jeez, I sound like a fucking sociopath. But y’all who actually know me know that I’m a mother-in-law’s delight. I just can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hounds at the same time, ya dig?

Nuff luv to my fellow tweeters, but fuck a twitter, that shit ain’t me. It’s like a public facebook stripped down to the basics. Or an animal lexicon without pictures. Or a blog with a 140 character limit. Also, I don’t wanna read fools’ stupid ass, illiterate tweets ’bout how they woke up and what they had for brekkie (Except if it’s The Fat Jew, who for instance had frosted flakes out of a black stiletto heel this morning just to figure that it’s gross and gangsta at the same time). Facebook is aight and I dig it, but I’m most likely not going to approve your friend request unless I somehow got at least some kind of connection with you outside of FB (and I’m not talkin’ bout myspace, though I’ve been an über-tolerant lad lately). So I think constant blogging might be the way to go to get rid of my recent random prolixity, travelogue pics, stories about my adopted hometown and my occasional compulsion to share goodies from my bursting list of Youtube favorites and my absurd mp3 collection with random humans from all over ze world.

In case you haven’t noticed, I even archived all my past entries into a wordpress account, with the firmest of resolutions for frequent future blogging. All ya gotta do is subscribe to this one, eat some crackers and patiently wait for new entries. PS if you’re a frequent blog reader and you dont use Google Reader, you are s0 ’97. Also, I’ll manage to have a constant RSS export running to sites like, myspace and drmtm to make sure none of y’all gon’ miss a thang in the future.

Ok I’ll shut up for now and let the visuals talk. Who wants to read a blog entry about blogging anyway?

As I dusted off my harddrive, I found plenty of snaps that I slept on circling with words and slapping them onto the internetz, reminding me that I did done a bit of travelling in the last 2 months and maybe I shall share at least a few of the impressions I’ve been witnessing (even though I’m mad late. I hope y’all ain’t trippin’).

Stuff like thunderstorms over Paris on a late June summer night for instance, as seen from top of Montmartre,


or a bunch of dudes playing a deep match of Mahjong for cartons of bootleg ciggies in the streets of Shanghai.


Care for a super rainbow over Schlesisches Tor, Berlin, captured with a shitty cellphone cam?


Fancy some Swiss mountains, as seen from behind the windshield of the German überwhip I’ve been steering across Europe for more than 4.000km lately,


for visiting flea markets deep down in the woods of my Heimatland,


and having difficulties dealing with American tourists?


You don’t want to see awkward family photos, do ya.


Let me hit you with the obligatory crowd shot from one of my countless gigs instead. It was a bit of a cockforest, but nevertheless, Aachen, you were pretty wild that nite.


Been there done that, let’s get back to the present. Now lay your eyes upon some Hong Kongian architecture as seen from the bird’s eye, will ya.


Yeah, I kinda prefer to fuks wit that last one right now. Hong Kong, you’re still on top of my list, just to let you know. Even if subtropical summertimes are in full effect.

I ain’t even trippin’ about this:


or this:


or this:


In fact, I do love a jolly good typhoon from time to time. Can’t wait for the next one.

They turn HK into some sort of 鬼城,


which can be a refreshing alternative to the usual scene.


Youtube of the day: The Specials – Ghost Town

Nuff said.

PS I’ll buy a candy bar for the lucky bastard who can tell me why only the last 18 posts of my blog show up in Google Reader, instead of all 65, like it’s supposed to. Holla.


One Response to “Back pon di grind”

  1. raduletzgo Says:

    das nenn ich mal ne saucoole idee mit dem blog! den ganzen scheiss den du siehst und miterlebst sollte man auf jeden fall irgendwie festhalten und außerdem macht es spaß deinen stuff zu lesen. big up.

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