Ah, Singapore

Just realized that I actually never blogged about my last trip to Singapore, although it’s been quite blogworthy!

One of my fave clubs in Asia, ZOUK, invited me to Singapore for the 2nd time.

Got picked up in style at the Airport with a stretched whip by Albert,
the tipworthiest driver on the planet.


Dinner was very local and so good it made me hallucinate.
Thanks Chris, Darren & fam!


My partner in crime, DJ Enso, as well as Sam Becareful Lee and his manager Ray were in town as well. Glad I brought chewing gum!!


Skipped the queue at Butter Factory thx to Inquizzy and went for a bit of raveage.
Um, I mean diskodancing.


Sam & Enso kicking it tigerstyle.

Next day was hangover day. On top of things, it’s been raining rats and frogs.

But it is what it is.

Went for supper after the gig with a lovely bunch.

Love late check out at hotels, as much as I love it when “M.

Jaksun” is taking care of my baggage.




This following example of Singaporean supper steez is called “Dino Horlick” btw.
“Dino” in this case, means that there’s a ton of horlick powder placed on top of the the actual drink.
Works with Ovaltine, too. Ah, Singapore.


Shonen Knife – Ah, Singapore


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