If you like 90s rap, you’re gonna love this.

Ok here we go- Looky what I stumbled upon on an old harddrive.

It’s a 8 year old mixtape of mine, dedicated to the golden years in rap music, the 90s!
I recorded this with my homeboy / brofromadifferentmo DJ Han Shock in 2001!
2 x 45 minutes (It was actually released and distributed on TAPE!! Can you believe that?!)

60 of the most important rap tunes from the 90s in a fast mix.

Recorded live, in one take, with 3 turntables and a hell lot of Vinyl.
You can actually hear it crackle!
Recorded on DAT, No software, no computer gimmicks, no serato, no effects.
All dues paid.
Merely the intro was recorded with a 4-track recorder.

I’m having such a blast listening to this right now!!!
Btw, we were the first ones in Germany to come out with a 90s theme mixtape like that.
After us, dozens followed.
Anyone disagreeing- holla and correct me if I’m wrong.

Nuff talk now. I gotta share this with y’all.
Here’s the download link:



I can’t find the tracklisting right now, but will post it up as soon as I manage to get a hold of it.

Ahhhhh ~~~backpacker memories~~~….

Me & Han Shock, ca. 1998


2 Responses to “If you like 90s rap, you’re gonna love this.”

  1. raduletzgo Says:

    pure sweetnezzzz! thx.

  2. bzrwon Says:

    Hey bro, dope mix, I got this when you first uploaded it and I’ve got the track list! Here it is:
    Peep my man Dave’s blog at http://skillzstillmatter.blogspot.com/
    Only for Dj’s with skills.

    SIDE A-
    1.Super CLassic Intro
    2.C.M.W. – Growing up in the Hood
    3.Biggie – Kick in the Door
    4.Snoop – Gz & Hustlers
    5.Masta Ace – Born to Roll
    6.Busta Rhymes – Whoo Hah
    7.Nas – Represent
    8.MC Ren – Final Frontier
    9.Inteligent Hoodlum – The Posse
    10.Dr.Dre & Snoop – Deep Cover
    11.Lord Finesse – You know what i..m about
    12.Jeru – You Can..t stop the Prophet
    13.J.V.C. Force – Strong Island
    14.Naughty by Nature – O.P.P.
    15.Pharcyde – Pendemonium
    16.EPMD – Funky Piano
    17.GangStarr – Code of the Streets
    18.Cypress Hill – Hand on the Pump
    19.Onyx – Slam
    20.DAS EFX – They want EFX
    21.Fu Schnickens – La Schmoove
    22.N.W.A. – Straight outta Compton
    23.Souls of Mischief – ..93 till infinity
    24.De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring
    25.AMG – Bitch betta have my Money
    26.Digital Underground – No Nose Job
    27.Eric B. & Rakim – Don..t sweat the technique
    28.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Go with the Flow
    29.Kid Frost – La Raza
    30.Son of Bazerk – Change the Style
    31.Eric B. & Rakim – Juice
    32.Big Daddy Kane – Warm it up
    33.Chubb Rock – Treat.. em right

    SIDE B-
    1.Public Enemy – Shut..em down
    2.Jeru – Bitches
    3.Common Sense – Bitch in Yoo
    4.K-Solo – Fugitive
    5.Kid Capri – The Apollo
    6.Dr.Dre & Ice Cube – Natural born Killers
    7.DAS EFX – Real Hip Hop
    8.Dr.Dre – Let me ride
    9.Bush Babees – Melting Plastic
    10.Tha Alkaholiks – The next Level
    11.De La Soul – Breakadawn
    12.Ed O.G. – I got to have It
    13.Black Sheep – Flavor of the Month
    14.Brand Nubian – Slow Down
    15.Nine – What cha want
    16.Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick
    17.Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours
    18.B.D.P. – Duck down
    19.A.T.C.Q. & Leaders of the new School – Scenario
    20.Kriss Kross – Jump
    21.Young Black Teenagers – Tap the Bottle
    22.Tim Dog – Bronx Nigga
    23.Nice ..n..Smooth – Sometimes i rhyme slow
    24.Public Enemy – Fight the Power
    25. Ultramagnetic M.C.s – Poppa Large
    26.Hard Knocks – Nigga for hire
    27.MC Serch – Here it comes

    28.Bonus LiveTrack – Kid Fresh – Styles i Manifest Routine from 2000

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