If you like 90s rap, you’re gonna love this.

Ok here we go- Looky what I stumbled upon on an old harddrive.

It’s a 8 year old mixtape of mine, dedicated to the golden years in rap music, the 90s!
I recorded this with my homeboy / brofromadifferentmo DJ Han Shock in 2001!
2 x 45 minutes (It was actually released and distributed on TAPE!! Can you believe that?!)

60 of the most important rap tunes from the 90s in a fast mix.

Recorded live, in one take, with 3 turntables and a hell lot of Vinyl.
You can actually hear it crackle!
Recorded on DAT, No software, no computer gimmicks, no serato, no effects.
All dues paid.
Merely the intro was recorded with a 4-track recorder.

I’m having such a blast listening to this right now!!!
Btw, we were the first ones in Germany to come out with a 90s theme mixtape like that.
After us, dozens followed.
Anyone disagreeing- holla and correct me if I’m wrong.

Nuff talk now. I gotta share this with y’all.
Here’s the download link:



I can’t find the tracklisting right now, but will post it up as soon as I manage to get a hold of it.

Ahhhhh ~~~backpacker memories~~~….

Me & Han Shock, ca. 1998

Rooftopweather puhleeeeese.

Switching between 3 climes in 3 days ain’t no joke.
And what’s up with the HK weather today?
Humid, chilly and windy at the same time.
I hereby address the universe to send rooftopweather asap.
Like last Thursday.

Lemonade Remixtape Free Download

I’ve been bumping this one heavily on my iPod in the last 2 days.
San Franciscan indielectronica band Lemonade‘s Remixtape is
available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.
Including remixes by some of my homies / fave SOLOS RECORDS artists
Roche, Yao and Bookworm.
Cop that shit.

PaE goes Bangkok / Beijing

I just got back from my weekend trip to Bangok & Beijing.
We had our first PaE at Bedsupperclub in Bangkok last Thursday!!
It’s been a big blast and success, and we had none other than the infamous SWKIT to document our trip/the party with some  a m a z i n g  photographs.

While Kit is being busy getting his hustle on, we’ll have to wait a few days for the pictures and the full PaE Bangkok blogpost extravaganza.
Meanwhile, you may look forward to soon read/see more about:

“The intelligent, yet introverted German DJ world champion” (-Time out magazine)

“The feisty American boy with the sarcastic sense of humor” (-Time Out magazine)

The club / the party

Bangkok streetfood

Papaya salads

The missed flight to Beijing

Unconventional taxis

And tips on how to board an airplane with firearms.

Btw I made it (sleepless) to Beijing on Sat. morning eventually,
had a perfect brekkie in my fave hotel,

slept all day through and played one of my better sets at PUNK on Saturday nite
for a hype Beijing crowd.

Arrividerci & stay tuned!


pae-feb-new copy

Pat Drastik’s “The Frenzy” mixtape

We here at PaE are proud to present our guest DJ for this coming Friday,
3 x Canadian DMC champion Pat Drastik from Ottawa, Canada!!

His latest and truly incredible mixtape “The Frenzy” is available for free download.
If you’re a cool cat, you’re gonna love this.

“Much like the name and cover art suggest, the hour long compilation is a straight up genre-hopping rollercoaster ride. All in proper flow and stride, the collection embraces Drastik’s favourite sounds of past and present – from classic intros, short vocal samples, and single guitar riff loops… to current dancefloor heaters, blends, and synth-infused bangers. With a turntablist approach to cuts, drops, and track transitions, this musical ride showcases the often forgotten fundamental methods of molding countless sounds together (without having to rely on software galore).

This is his frenzy, his musical A.D.D.”

enjoy folks!

Download: Pat Drastik – The Frenzy