Safety 1st

Sometimes I feel like Hong Kong is a nice convenient little bubble, completely isolated from the outside World.
To maintain the cozy bubbliness inside, you shall adapt and follow all the little rules.

On the 1st Monday of this new year, I managed to lock myself out while grabbing my morning coffee at a local branch of an overpriced and well known coffeehouse chain.
Didn’t bring a jacket and had to wait 90 Minutes in the “cold” (17°C)(YesIknowI’mspoiled) for the key service.
The result: Sneeziness and an evil lil’ common cold. Bah.

Not that I’m having a weird mask fetish or something. I swear I don’t. But I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to lurk around in my hood with one of these things on my face.
Now that’s gangsta, innit.

I ended up throwing gang signs to anyone crossing my way also wearing a surgical mask.
And it’s been a few on my way to the pharmacy.
Cause as a true Hong Konger, you betta recognize:

Have a germ-free 2000009 y’all!


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