MMM (More Mainland Madness) pt. 2

Aight, where was I?
Right, I left my wallet in the backseat of a taxi in Chengdu.
Deep adrenaline shock when I grabbed my own butt for the obligatory wallet check while seeing the taxi making a right turn at the next traffic light. Mourning.
No taxi receipt, so no chances on getting it back EVER.
The unwritten rule of chinese taxi backseats.
Anyways, enough of the holiday part of all this, time to go to work.
We picked up homeslice Enso at the airport and went straight to the club for soundcheck.

Being in the middle of China, well, clubs are a bit different out there.
Games of dice and whiskey mixed with green tea? Yep, you get the picture.
Dancefloor? No. Plenty of tables? Yes. Lots of Dancing in between those? Yes. Me playing Top 40 hip hop? No. Me rockin’ it Kid Fresh stylee? Hell yes.
People hella confused but loving it? Fuck yes. That’s how I roll.

Check out the banner behind the DJ booth and pay close attention to the words above my head in those graphix. Cute, innit?

Gig nr. 1 well accomplished.
Off to the hotel where we caught a few hours of sleep and got up early for a very basic hotellobby brkfst.

Time to hit the road to Chongqing!

The closer we came to Chongqing, the crazier the traffic got.
Deutsche Verkehrsordnung? STFU.
There’s one valid traffic rule: Pedal to the metal.

Chongqing is MAJOR, with its population of 30.000.000 (yes, thirty million).

And it’s fuckin’ mental. The amount of rough energy in the streets is hard to take.
We went out there for the obligatory pre-gig dinner.

Dodgy and not-so-dodgy figures passed by while we were eating. The dodgy category included a man with a monkey on a leash. Shame I ain’t got no pic. Instead I have one of the girl who had her electric guitar + amplifier with her, singing chinese pop songs.

Time to hit the club, and it was such a déjà vu compared to the night before that I didn’t even feel the need to take pictures.
Here’s one of Enso and me kickin’ it in the VIP tho.

It’s been a fun night, and after the gig we took the liberty to get fucked up on whisky/green tea and sing along to “10 kleine Jaegermeister” at 5AM in the mainroom. Trust me I’m serious, “10 kleine Jaegermeister”.
Surreal. Back at the hotel, we discovered BIG news in the paper:

Enso had to get up early to catch his flight to Hong Kong in order to catch his flight to San Francisco. Meanwhile, I managed to snooze for 10 long hours.
In the afternoon, I was taken to the airport to continue my journey to Guiyang for another déjà vu gig. But what the heck, driver came late, traffic was crazy, so I missed the damn flight!!!!!
Next flight at 10.30PM, way too late!
So I had to hop in a car to get driven to Guiyang. And the driver turned out to be a
f u c k i n g  nightmare. I swear I was ready to die.
Using the right lane for taking over copcars while constantly hitting the headlight flashers was one of his standards on this trip.
Arrived late in Guiyang, met up with Charlie, (who played an awesome set that night btw) did my jobby and went straight to the hotel afterwards, looking forward to returning home to Hong Kong the next day. Before the gig, I had the opportunity to meet up with Guiyang local DJ LJ who I predict to be the next China DMC Champion. Remember where you heard it first!
Now I’m sitting here in my shoebox, it’s 4PM and I haven’t slept last night.
Kylie Minogue is in town, I’ll prolly run into her on the way to Zdarbux.
Well, on second thought.. Prolly not.
Gotta proceed to the airport to catch a flight to Shanghai. Which I’m psyched about cause tomorrow I’ll play a set at SHELTER with the infamous Bananas Soundsystem!
It’s been a while, o’ dear Shanghai!

Oh, on a side note: Check out this guy named Tobacco and his album “Fucked up friends”. It’s just  as beautiful as bizarre, and I FUCKIN’ LOVE IT.
SO looking forward to bump this in my ipod on the way to the airport.



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