Not your ordinary HK Sunday / Sk8boarding memories

I’m always happy when some of my Western folks make it to HK for a visit and I have the opportunity to show them around a bit / make them understand
why I love this place so much.
Last week I had the pleasure to welcome My friends Lennie and Inga from Berlin.
I know Lennie from ze old skateboarding days, he used to have his own little selfmade ghetto indoor skatepark in a barn in Northern Germany, where we used to rip shit up on cold German winter days when we were like 14,15. Nowadays, 15 years later, Lennie is easily one of the very best skateboarders in Europe, making a living with his passion being a  professional. Oh, he’s an amazing actor too btw. I’ve also known his lovely girlfriend Inga for years, but that’s a completely different story. Fate brought them together and I have to say they make such a charming couple. Aww.
Sunday is Dim Sum day, as Joey would express, so me, Joey, Enso, Lennie, Inga and El Nomo of the infamous Bananas Soundsystem (Kami, where u been?) went to this Dim Sum place called “Golden Treasure Lake” in Sheung Wan for not your ordinary belated breakfast.

Hoi full ar. After noon, while Joey and Enso were peeping some real estate, Lennie, Inga and I crossed the bay to meet up with photographer extraordinaire Kit Tang in Mong Kok. It was about shopping camera lenses at first, but then Kit got outta control, unpacked his HK pride and took us for a window shopping tour through Mong Kok’s hidden inconspicious little malls that are packed with boutiques carrying every sneaker model imaginable plus so much more.

Apart from being a photographer and social worker, Kit should seriously start a business as an indie tour/shopping guide in HK. He makes even me feel like a bloody tourist, even though I’ve been here for a while now.
Btw he is also our in-house photographer for PIMPIN’ AINT EASY, the monthly club night Enso and me are running in HK.
Here’s Kit helping out Inga and Lennie to cop bus tickets for their trip to Laos.
Kit, you’re the man! Mad thanks and respect!

We made it to the Star Ferry from Kowloon side to Hong Kong side just in time for the everyday 8PM lightshow which I’ve never even seen before. Coincidence? Ask Kit.

Of course Lennie was bringing his sk8board for the trip, so I did my best to hook him up with some of the local heroes to do a bit of shreddage in the form of a latenight miniramp session in Chai Wan. Thanks to Nigel Ong and Warren Stuart and shouts to the entire HK skateboarder community!

I quit shredding 10 years ago, but I still got mad love for the game and I truly enjoy watching some creative, stylish and gnarly skateboarding.Mad respect goes out to Lennie at this point for his ablilities and creativity on 4 wheels of urethane. Check this flick.

While we’re at it, I have to mention and show MAD respect to another one of my old skateboarding buddies who went professional while I decided to fool around with 2 turntables and a mixer instead. His name is Jan Kliewer. We used to spend our teenage years together, skateboarding every day. And now looky at him today.
Easily keeping up with Europe’s top-league

Jan and Lennie have always been a huge inspiration for me, making me push my limits and proving me that anything is possible, once you are able to imagine and to believe.
Not just on a skateboard.
At this point, MAD shouts go out to all generations of the
entire Goettingen Rathaus sk8 veteran posse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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