Euro Extravaganza pt. I

So yeah, I’m in the Euroland right now for my 7 week club-tour.
I left Hong Kong 2 weeks ago, and hell yes, I’m missing it already!!
Anyhow, it’s good to be back in the good ol’ west for a while.
After stopovers in Bangkok and Dubai I landed in Frankfurt, which was a bit of a culture shock after 5 months of Euro abstinence.
However, the extended ZONDER family treated me lovely with
a bed/wi-fi/caffeine/nicotine and made me almost feel like home.

Next day I was off to Czech republic. Spent 2 days in beautiful, mostly sunny Prague.
Ha – I even squeezed in some sightseeing.

Friday night I was spinning for Praha’s No.1 ghetto rave night Dutty Weekend
in a deep underground air-raid shelter.
Don’t ever mix vodka with strawberry juice. Your vision will blur. I’m serious.

Then went on a Ubertrip to Tirol the next day with dem good ol’ brit-czech fellows, the Meanbuckets. Forest and mountains, mountains and forest.

We played records for a young, drunk, uninhibited crowd at night and went for some
chainsaw-shopping the day after,

before we headed back to Praha.

Gang Starr’s Primo was in town, but Tuco got lost in the Praha Traffic maze late at night I reckon, so we skipped the rave and I went to sleep, just to wake up 4 hours later to catch a plane to Duesseldorf.

After a few days of hanging in Duesseldorf with my bro Rafik and the DRMTM squad,  I boarded the train to Berlin last Thursday to play a set at Scala with my dear colleagues Schowi, Passion, Creathief, San Gabriel and Kool DJ Swist.

Next day A-Trak / Boys Noize / DJ Mehdi played a gig in Kreuzberg, so I showed up and threw myself in the moshpit between Berlin hipsters and
East German car tuning / rave enthusiasts for a bit.

Saturday morning, I had to catch the train to Ulm, where South Germany’s hottest electro night, UNTITLED was on the schedule, alongside Rejkjavik rockers Steed Lord.

The venue was nicely packed with a good, clean and enthusiastic crowd.
Amazing night and best gig of the tour so far.

I’m back in Dusseldorf now, just had a nice lunch with Rafik and his lovely momma. I did my laundry and wrote this blog, and I’m going to enjoy my offdays now, yet remain on the grind. Booyaka. Next stop is Paris. Or Moscow?? Stay tuned.


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